Canine Trainer's Collaboration Workshop

Welcome to the 2023 Canine Trainer's Collaboration Workshop! We are glad you have considered joining us. This event will include trainers from various specialties and perspectives coming together to discuss, learn and benefit from one another's knowledge, experience and views. There will be multiple different training approaches represented here and it is expected that all participants will come open minded and have a mutual respect for one another, even if we disagree on specific approaches and methods. Let's open up our minds and increase our own capabilities as we join together to instruct, challenge, and test our ideas so that we and the dog world as a whole can benefit.

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Join us April 19-21, 2023 in Orlando, FL

Join us for three days of lead discussions, demonstrations, training method explanations, and general learning about alternative and main stream dog training approaches. We will have a mix of speakers, and all participants will have an option to present thier view and passion.

Each participant will be asked for a topic they would like to cover and assigned a 1 to 1.5 hour block of time for presentation and discussion. Topics will be varied and speakers will only be denied a topic if it doesn't apply to dog training or if a previous attendee has already chosen the topic. So get your topics in as soon as you register.

Schedule, Accommodations and Planning

LOCATION: Fortress K9 LLC is hosting this event at our training facility at 1949 Slavia Road, Oviedo, FL 32765. We are just north of Orlando, FL and you can drive in or fly to Orlando International or Sanford Internation Airports. The drive is approximately 30 minutes from either airport.

MEALS: We will provide a light breakfast of coffee, orange juice and breakfast items each morning. Lunch will be catered all three days and dinner will be catered on Wednesday and Thursday. If you have specific dietary requirements, please bring food to support your needs. An array of drinks will be provided. (Bring your own alcohol.)

LODGING: All attendees will be given the option of camping on site and hotels are abundant within a few minutes drive of our location. If you decide to camp on site, tents and RVs are allowed, but no dumping, water or electric will be provided for RVs. Portapotties will be on site.

DOGS: Since this is a dog trainer's workshop, you are encouraged to bring your dogs. Since this is an operational training facility there will be authorized personell only areas that will not be open to attendees. Housing of your dogs is your responsibility, we will not have any kennel runs available. Your dog's behavior is your responsibility and if you or your dog damages any property, people or other dogs, you will be held accountable. As we like to say in our circles, Big boy game, Big boy rules. BE RESPONSIBLE.

LIABILITY: This is an operational farm in the State of Florida, and as such you are 100% liable for your own safety while here. We expect everyone to behave in a professional manner and to point out any safety hazards so that others can be aware. Any dog training, and especially protection and bite training, is dangerous. By registering to attend this event, you accept full responsibility for yourself and your dog, release any and all participants, including the hosts, attendees, businesses or any present from any liability and agree to indemnify any loss caused by you.

Fortress K9

1949 Slavia Road,
Oviedo, FL 32765

Phone: 813-836-9244
Email: joel@fortressk9.com

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