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Fully Obedience Trained Dog

Fully Obedience Trained Dog

The perfect companion dog for those looking to have a best friend that will never leave their side. These dogs have the same training as our Personal Protection Dogs, but without the protection training. House broken and crate trained and ready for you to put the finishing touches on. Many trainers would refer to these as Green Dogs, but our socialization puts them light years ahead of the competition. 
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Personal Protection Dogs

Personal Protection Dog

A protection dog for those who can’t afford the full package. Our basic protection dog level. These dogs are fully obedience trained and socialized and stabilized at our public dog training classes. They very limited exposure to moving in public and some stressors, such as gun fire. But they are a great way to get a Protection dog and cater it to your specific needs. If you want a dog that remains at home as protection for your family, they are ready to go. All Protection Dogs come with 5 days of training at our facility. 
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Personal Protection Dogs

Family Protection Dog

Your family’s best defense and your best friend. These dogs are ready to go “out of the box”. They will move in public, are confident around strangers and can move with you almost anywhere you go. Fully protection trained, they also have training in various scenarios including their handler being attacked unexpectedly, a home invasion or an attack in or at your vehicle.
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Executive Protection Dogs

Executive Protection Dog

Peace of mind and protection in the most dangerous situations. Designed for the high net worth individual who is highly security minded. These dogs have explosive detection capabilities, move in densely crowded spaces, will deploy and regal in crowds and under gunfire. If you travel to high risk places as a high net worth individual, this is the dog for you.
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With the purchase of any fully trained dog, a new Modern Icon Collar, Herm Sprenger prong collar and Fortress K9 lead will be included. Family and Executive Protection Dogs also include a working dog vest.
We can provide protection dogs to you, your family, The Military and Law Enforcement Agencies around the country.

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