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Canine Trainer's Collaboration Workshop

Canine Trainer's Collaboration Workshop
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Welcome to the 2023 Canine Trainer's Collaboration Workshop! We are glad you have considered joining us. This event will include trainers from various specialties and perspectives coming together to discuss, learn and benefit from one another's knowledge, experience and views. There will be multiple different training approaches represented here and it is expected that all participants will come open minded and have a mutual respect for one another, even if we disagree on specific approaches and methods. Let's open up our minds and increase our own capabilities as we join together to instruct, challenge, and test our ideas so that we and the dog world as a whole can benefit.

Event registrations are non refundable, but if you are unable to attend after registration, we will help you sell your ticket to someone else. You can also transfer your ticket. Please email us directly in this case at admin@fortressk9.com.

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